You often do you wake up at night, and never have a good night's sleep?

The leading experts of sleeping have revealed to us what causes sleep disorders and insomnia.

Buy a Vitaliser sleeping set and

Is there an effective protective shield against electrosmog?

All components of Vitaliser sleeping system utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure the protection and comfort of you and your family.

Unique technology – Only Vitaliser sleeping program contains these special protective components, which were tailored by scientists to ensure your comfort and safety at all times.

When is it recommended?
  • If you have a stressful job
  • If you are at an elderly age, or have rheumatic disease or diabetes
  • If you have a heart condition, or a pacemaker
  • If you are suffering from back pain, lumbago or depression
  • To protect expectant mothers and children


Use state-of-the-art technology today to wake up well rested tomorrow!

Special, patented anti-allergenic bedding set that provides protection against electrosmog, and ensures that you wake up well rested and recharged after a good night's sleep. Scientifically fully proven system, which is soft and eye-catching at the same time.

What are the components that make Vitaliser 4 in 1 so special?

Carbon fibres provide effective protection while you are asleep
Vitaliser Sleeping System has a Carbon Antistat System that discharges the electrosmog accumulated in our body very much like an earthing. A The base material of the antistatic fabric of Carbon Antistat is coal, which is a natural material and one of the building blocks of human body. Coal does not induce allergy as certain metals do, and the carbon fibres dissipates electrosmog into the air instead of absorbing it as copper, iron, aluminium, etc. do. The producer has over 20 years of experience in the positive effects of Carbon Antistat fibres. It is recommended even for young mothers and people with a pacemaker.
Even heat distribution and peace of mind thanks to infrared technology
Tiny bioceramic plates dissipate body heat and prevent the creation of so called hotspots. Special ventilation channels ensure an even heat distribution to improve your comfort during sleep. The bioceramic material improves blood circulation and the metabolism of cells. The bioceramic fibre catches and repels infrared rays on the wave-length generated by human body, and therefore reduce rheumatic pain.
Even weight distribution and alleviation of pain with the help of the memory foam
As a result of spine problems, joint pains or muscular tension caused by stress, the body cannot loosen itself in the appropriate posture. The memory foam fixes and supports the lying body and provides an even distribution of weight, thus removing the burden from painful spots. Traditional, sprung mattresses are not suitable for this, since these surfaces exert a force opposing to the pressure. The spring pushes away, while the memory foam adapts and supports.
Antibacterial and antiallergenic coating
The external cover of the Sleeping System has an antibacterial and antiallergenic coating: silver and copper fibres that are resistant against pathogens, so no bad odours will generate.
What is different in Vitaliser Sleeping System?
  • The memory foam adapts to the shape of the body and provides a healthy posture during sleep.
  • The Carbon Antistat technology dissipates and absorbs electromagnetic radiation.
  • The long-wave infrared technology and the bioceramic material divert body heat
  • The ventilation channels keep the fabric well aerated and optimize body heat

You spend one-third of your life asleep.

Choose the highest quality for resting.

You and your family will be grateful after using Vitaliser Sleeping System for charging up your batteries. No more difficult waking, aching limbs or bad feeling in the morning. Your soul will also be refreshed in your healthy body.
  • My mother told me that I can only give my best in caring for my little baby, if I am well rested, that is, I lead a normal life and I am doing well. I was an expectant mother when my mother surprised me with a sleeping set, because it worked really well for her. It is extremely good, I recommend it to others, since then my husband has one as well.
    Amy Bryant, Derby
  • I work from home, we have three computers in our apartment. I used to have headaches and migraines, which had been treated by medicines, but since my wife bought me a Vitaliser and I am sleeping in it, I always wake up with a clear head, which is very positive to my work. I see it as an investment into my work. I would recommend it to others.
    Liam Webb, software developer
  • Last winter my husband and I bought a sleeping set for ourselves. He used to snore a lot and have constant neck pain. I have undergone a spine surgery last year, so we need a bed that makes the night's sleep comfortable. Fortunately, we have found it, and since then I can't imaging sleeping in anything else. My waist aches much less and my husband is also feeling much better. I am happy that we have found the perfect solution.
    Mrs. Mia Wilson, Grantham

The time spend on sleeping is all yours. Sleep in luxury!

The Vitaliser Sleeping System eliminates the cause of sleeping disorders and
protects you from electrosmog and allergens.

Vitaliser Sleeping System provides exactly what is the most important for you: health, protection and a high degree of comfort.

Sleeping makes out one-third of your life. It really does matter, how you spend this time. You cannot be useful for others and yourself until you have not given yourself what the present state of science can give you.
Price: £469 free shipping

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